A Spectroscopic Galaxy Evolution Survey with the Hubble Space Telescope


This is v3.0 of the 3D-HST data release.

This release includes the deepest WFC3 G141 spectroscopic data in existence, using 8-17 orbit depth observations in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field. Contamination-corrected 2D and 1D spectra for >250 objects in the HUDF are available, as well as best-fit EAZY model spectra and a catalog of derived redshifts.

We also provide reduced WFC3 F125W, F140W, and F160W image mosaics of the five 3D-HST/CANDELS survey fields. Photometric catalogs, redshifts and derived parameters in these fields will be available soon (Skelton et al., 2013).

The preliminary data release v0.5 (2012-04-15) accompanying the survey paper Brammer et al. (2012) can be found HERE.

The raw WFC3 and ACS data for 3D-HST are immediately made public through the HST archive.

Acknowledgement: When using data from the 3D-HST survey, please include the following acknowledgement: "This work is based on observations taken by the 3D-HST Treasury Program (GO 12177 and 12328) with the NASA/ESA HST, which is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc., under NASA contract NAS5-26555." And cite  Brammer et al., (2012).

Fun extras:

  1. Look at the stunning browsable mosaic maps! The google maps-like interface allows you to explore all deep fields in amazing detail. Click on the marked objects in the HUDF map to look up their grism spectra. 

  2. A beautiful GOODS-S image combining the GOODS-S (ACS+WFC3) color mosaic and the WFC3 grism spectra illustrating the complimentary coverage of the grism. Every object in the field is dispersed by the grism (~100 MB, do not display in browser).

NOTE: If the tables below are displaying the v0.5 release for you, please clear your browser cache and reload the page.